Flutter or not!

A timely look at heart flutters As hearts around the globe ignite for Valentine’s Day, we examine heart flutters in two fascinating cases that are sure to stir emotion and conversation among cardiologists. And we’ve included two papers to help settle the matter, from the European Heart Journal and Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Review.

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4 important papers on multi-day holters

Multi-day holters are now internationally recognized as a critical part of improved detection and patient outcome. So, we’ve complied 4 important peer reviewed papers on the topic for a closer look at better detection methods, this American Heart Month.

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Domenic Minieri
New technology tackles burnout for cardiologists

Too much time on paperwork and bureaucratic tasks remains the number #1 issue contributing to burnout for almost 50% of cardiologists, according to Medscape Cardiologist Lifestyle Report 2018.

But new cardiac reporting technology is now cutting time spent on admin tasks by as much as 90%. That’s equivalent to 4-5 hours back each week for the average cardiologist.

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