7 new ECG and holter devices from Medica 2018 World Trade Fair

Here’s some of the devices our R&D team viewed at the Medica 2018 World Trade Fair in Germany. With a focus on faster, more accurate results and better patient care, we continue to search globally for the latest solutions.

This summary is for reference purposes only, and doesn’t reflect any device preferences from us at this time. All notes are as supplied by the developers for the Medica 2018 World Trade Fair November 2018.

1 Device: Clarus 40 Holter Monitor

The Clarus 40 is an accurate, reliable, and user-friendly digital holter monitor. It is capable of recording 3 channels of patient ECG data using 3, 4, or 5 surface electrodes. The Clarus 40 incorporates an internal lithium ion battery that allows it to operate for 14 days on a single charge, and it is capable of storing up to 30 days of ECG data. Its compact and stylish design is discrete and comfortable to wear, water resistant, and its color touchscreen allows the patient to easily record their symptoms when they mark an event. This holter can be used with multiple software systems to generate accurate and informative holter reports.

Link: https://www.tzmedical.com/products/arrhythmia-division/clarus-40-holter-monitor.html

2 Device: Bittium Faros™ waterproof ECG device

Bittium Faros is a versatile waterproof ECG device that is used for early detection of cardiac abnormalities in everyday life. Bittium Faros is ultra-small and lightweight, which enables precise long-term full disclosure ECG measurements for long-term Holtering, cardiac event monitoring, mobile cardiac telemetry and assessing autonomic nervous system functions.

Bittium Faros outpatient monitoring solutions include several software options for cardiac monitoring. The built-in arrhythmia detection algorithms of the Bittium Faros device are used for event recording and mobile event monitoring. Bittium’s solutions enable earlier repatriation of patients and even better ability to react to potentially emerging arrhythmias faster.

Link: https://www.bittium.com/products_services

3 Device: Single-Use ECG Electrode

·         Suitable for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic procedures (Monitoring, Stress test, Holter)

·         Ensure quality readings, zero artifact and no repeat procedures

·         Provide excellent adhesion and quality trace

·         Compatible with different ECG devices

·         For both pediatric and adults

·         MRI compatible model available

Link: http://www.dgdena.com/en/products/medical-disposable/

4 Device: Model 2303/2305 2304/2306

Vasomedical is pleased to announce its new and unique synchronized ECG Holter and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors in a single device! The Model 2303/2305 and Model 2304/2306 Combined Monitors provide advanced high resolution ECG Holter technology with color LCD display accompanied by a simultaneous presentation and analysis of blood pressure waveforms and digital results. Everything you need to obtain and verify the clinical data is now available in one lightweight, easy to use, multiparameter system.

Link: http://www.vasomedical.com/index.php

5 Device: Be Micro - EEG solution now in your hand

BE Micro is the smallest solution for EEG Monitoring in the market.

The recording device is reliable, compact, light weight, durable and most importantly comfortable for the patient. BE Micro is fully capable of performing high quality conventional EEG and ambulatory EEG monitoring.

The extremely reduced dimensions, together with the EB Neuro high signal standard, make the Be Micro the polyfunctional system, not only for ambulatory/holter solution but also for EEG recordings in particular environments, such as ICU and Neonatology.

Link: http://www.ebneuro.biz/en/

6 Device: Electroencephalographs–recorders "Encephalan–EEGR–19/26". Modification "Mini"

Four options for using the basic device – autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-10 – with a large number of various wireless modules and sensors expand the field of application:

·         Low-channel portable electroencephalograph-recorder

Records EEG by 9 derivations in telemetric or autonomous (EEG-Holter) mode and is applied for:

differential diagnosis of epilepsy (applied with software "Encephalan-Video") mainly in children and infants;

·         continuous EEG monitoring in emergency rooms and intensive care units with the help of software "Encephalan-NM" and software "Encephalan-CFM", including the pronouncement of brain death;

·         psychophysiological research;

·         neuromarketing research.

·         Biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment

10 polygraphic channels in a patient transceiver-recorder and a large set of sensors allow creating a variety of options for multiparameter record for biofeedback training.

EEG record by 9 derivations provides an optimal amount of data for neurofeedback procedures.

Effectively used in occupational medicine for rehabilitation, educational technologies, scientific research and for special training.

·         Multifunctional multichannel polygraphic system

A unique option of combination of two or three patient transceivers-recorders ABP-10 with additional modules and sensors allows creating multifunctional polygraphic systems with synchronous recording of more than 30 different signals.

·         Mobile multifunctional systems for sports medicine

Record of physiological parameters in apparently healthy people is applied as a multifunctional monitoring in sports medicine and studies of operator performance. Portable and autonomous equipment (data transmission via the telemetric channel or recording onto a memory card) allows conducting research under different conditions – from a stationary scientific laboratory to field conditions (for example, training at the main sport ground or in training camps).

Link: https://vitalograph.de/

7 Device: OEM

BSP’s HyperQ™ technology can be integrated into a wide range of medical systems – first and foremost, ECG devices. There are also a range of applications which can be greatly enhanced including home telemonitoring, bedside and Holter monitoring and implantable cardiac devices.

The HyperQ™ Analyzer Stress and Analyzer Rest OEM products are highly-portable, small-footprint set of software components, with a simple well-defined application programming interface (API).

SCHILLER AG, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of cardiopulmonary diagnostics, has successfully integrated both BSP’s HyperQ™ Analyzer products.

Link: https://www.bspmedical.com/products



Chelsea Cunningham