New technology tackles burnout for cardiologists

Too much time on paperwork and bureaucratic tasks remains the number #1 issue contributing to burnout for almost 50% of cardiologists, according to this year’s Medscape Cardiologist Lifestyle Report 2018.

But new cardiac reporting technology is now cutting time spent on admin tasks by as much as 90%. That’s equivalent to 4-5 hours back each week for the average cardiologist. And with developers making the platform fully mobile, it allows cardiologists to report from any mobile device at any location.

BeatBox Developer and Chief Technology Officer Asaf Ziv explained the tool was first created to solve the high volume analysis and reporting challenges of CardioScan Australia, which dealt with more than half a million tests each year. 

“Our goal was to get results into the hands of cardiologists as quickly as possible,” he said. “We also understood cardiologists were working long hours in time critical environments, where time is tissue, so instant mobile data made sense.

“The technology was there but with BeatBox, we applied it to simplify cardiac reporting processes and meet the needs of doctors that deal with such intensity.”

The average ECG and holter reporting times were more than halved, and the business was able to grow its customer base to other regions without more staff, Ziv said.

First launched in 2015, BeatBox was now already operating Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia – and was now available in the US, and had planned releases in the UK.

The good news was that the cloud technology was designed to simply connect to all existing clinic systems – and avoid the need for additional software, hardware and expensive implementations.

Cardiologists could expect to enjoy other exciting features from the mobile reporting platform, like powerful search and archive functions as well as smart notifications for suspected abnormal results that automatically notify the clinical staff and secure messaging tools in context of each report.

“Bringing cardiac reporting businesses in line with the capability of the technology was crucial for us. Busy people in medical environments need tools that make their job easier not harder.”

A 98% reduction in paper use had been a further benefits of BeatBox, Ziv said.