Most rare and unusual ECG traces discovered

This great series on the most rare and unusual traces seen by a cardiologist with 49+ years in the game, has been summarized in this blog. We think it’s well worth following, but here’s a snapshot
if you’re curious.

See full series:

Wenckebach without a pause!
The surprising trace that made even the most experienced cardiologist take pause.

Complete heart block with normal P wave
A complete heart block with a P wave, which conducts normally to the ventricle, and how
to explain it.

Ping Pong in His-Purkinje system
The shock of Ping-Pong in the His-Purkinje system combined with severe digitalis toxicity,
and the changing treatment regimes.

The Upside Down ECG
This week, we look at the upside down ECG, and the puzzling trace that resulted.

The Athlete’s heart
In this review, the athlete’s heart and talking to a world leading specialist to interpret the
results properly.

We follow the series on Twitter @cardioscanAU to keep up with these brilliant insights, but we’ll continue bring you summaries from time to time also in case you’re not on social media.

Chelsea Cunningham