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Speed up diagnosis and get answers sooner for patients with cardiac monitoring at your clinic, using:

myPatch holter monitors
Cardiac event monitors

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myPatch holter monitors

Improve the results of cardiac monitoring and the lives of patients with myPatch.

Simple wireless design makes myPatch effortless to use and wear.

Attach in under 30 seconds and give patients freedom to get on with daily routines and activities without limits.

Available from Cardiac Monitoring Service, myPatch comes with:

Multiple electrode options
Multi-channel, single electrode myPatch is available in Neonate, Pediatric and Adult sizes

No set up costs
All devices, software and 24/7 customer support provided at no fee.

Same day reports
myPatch delivers the world’s fastest cardiac reporting turnaround times with CMS

Mobile access
Instantly access patient data from any phone or mobile device, anywhere.

Get better results using the lightweight water resistant myPatch device, keeping patients comfortable, and compliant throughout the test.

Even more myPatch features

  • Waterproof IP 68 Rating

  • 25 gram lightweight device

  • Event button and an internal clock

  • Compatible with many holter systems

  • Up to 14 days 1 or 2 channels

  • Up to 9 days 3 channel

  • Placement upper left sternum and lead V5

  • User selectable channels and sample rates allows for varying recording periods

How to apply myPatch to an Adult patient

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How to Apply myPatch to a Pediatric patient

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How to Apply myPatch to a Neonate patient

Cardiac event monitors

Get online reports and same day results with the latest cardiac events monitors.

Easy to hook up and use, the lightweight patient activated device makes capturing transient cardiac events easier.

It can be worn for up to 30 days and hold up to five recordings for episodes such as syncope, shortness of breath, palpitations, chest discomfort and dizziness.

CMS complete provides a complete starter kit, with cardiac event monitors that are:

Easy to use
Small, lightweight and simple to hook up and use, with color coded instructions.  Patients transmit baseline and event strips to CMS from any phone at any time, day or night.

Leading technology
We supply pre-symptom memory loop transtelephonic cardiac event monitors (King of Hearts type) designed to detect symptoms including Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and Cardiac Pause.

Patient activated
When patients feel symptoms, they simply push record. The monitor creates a two-minute recording (90 seconds of activity that took place before the button was pushed, plus 30 seconds after), which the patient then transmits to CMS.

Same day results
These are immediately sent via our secure online portal, or by fax or post.


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Loop Memory Cardiac Event Recorder

While providing patients with comfort and convenience, the Heartrak Smart looping ECG memory event recorder effectively captures and documents transient cardiac episodes such as syncope, shortness of breath, palpitations, chest discomfort and dizziness.

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