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With no set up costs, you can now offer leading diagnostic care services to your patients.

The latest holter devices and heart diagnostic software provided by Cardiac Monitoring Service help you speed up diagnosis, and provide on-the-spot cardiac monitoring for your patients.

Hook patients up instantly for answers sooner, and add new professional service revenue at your practice.


With our leading cardiac monitoring products and services, you get:

Rapid results
Get same day test results or within 24 hours, and STAT reports back in minutes or hours

No set up costs
All devices, software and supplies provided at no fee

Multi-day monitoring
Record over three channels of continuous data for up to 9 days or two channels for up to 14 days

Clear reports
Color-coded reports, prepared by our certified cardiovascular technicians, allow for faster and easier review and verification

New revenue
Simply bill the patient’s insurance for professional service, and we bill the patient’s insurance for the technical component

24/7 support
Free ongoing personalized local customer support