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Report on cardiac events 75% faster and get answers sooner for you and your patients, with BeatBox.

The latest cardiac reporting software helps you keep pace, with the world’s fastest turnaround times and access from any phone or mobile device, anywhere.

In a time critical setting, BeatBox puts the right information into the hands of those that can make a difference.

More ways BeatBox can improve your business

BeatBox also helps change the way you do business, with:

Safer data
Connect your entire team to one accurate source of data for greater accuracy, and avoid version control issues.

Instant messaging
Use private report-tagged messaging for live communications with your teams.

Search & archive
Unlimited archive and search capabilities mean patient records are available instantly, and can be kept on file for decades

HIPPA compliance
The highest security and privacy standards, and data encrypted patient info also provide greater compliance, and peace of mind for your practice.

BeatBox gives you critical heart data instantly, to make decisions sooner.